Impressive French cuisine by a Michelin-starred Japanese chef in Singapore【#3 Singapore Recommended Restaurant beni Singapore】


  • Overall ★★
  • Meal ★★
  • Atmosphere ★★★
  • Service ★★★
  • Cost Performance ★

As a French restaurant, the atmosphere and customer service are solid, but the price is not so reasonable.

Considering the total balance of the restaurant, we gave it a slightly dry rating of two stars.

How to go

There are a variety of ways to get there because of its location in Orchard, but the somerset station is the closest if you are going by train. 7 minutes after exiting Exit A, you will be there.

The store is located at the end of the second floor of Mandarin Gallery.


This time I visited for lunch on a weekday.
Here is the menu.

You can choose between the 6-course Experience and the 8-course Précieux.

You can also add wine paring if you like.

This time, I decided to order Experience.

OK, let me introduce the actual dishes.

First, a bucket is served. Salty butter keeps the bread going.

Here is the first dish, Green Asparagus, served with white shrimp in a rich sauce.

It looks sophisticated and is as French as you would expect.

Here is the second dish, Ora King Salmon.

The tomatoes and garlic are very refreshing and go well with the texture of the salmon.

The third dish, Signature Mushroom Quartet, is a very rich mushroom soup. The texture is similar to steamed egg custard.

It is just so rich. The truffle aroma is also quite strong.

Here is a scallop that can be ordered additionally.

This is also served with a very rich truffle sauce. At +$22, it is not cheap, but I think it is worth it.

However, the mushroom soup that preceded the first dish was also rich in truffles, so two consecutive servings of rich truffles may have been a little too much.

And here is the main dish “Lamb”.

The lamb is juicy and the sauce served with it is rich and tasty. But it is too fatty.

You will want more vegetables.

The overall sauce is very rich, as is the truffle.

I’m pretty full by the time I eat this main dish.

And Pistachio for dessert.

Ice cream served after a rich dish is a very pleasant palate cleanser.

I don’t usually eat dessert, but I finished it in no time.

I thought I was done with the ice cream I had just had, but I was able to get another dessert. There are several to choose from.

I chose millefeuille and vanilla ice cream.

You can then choose coffee or tea. For tea, there are about five different tastes to choose from. You can also smell the aroma.

I prefer black coffee, so I chose coffee instead of tea.

And this is offered as an accompaniment to the coffee. It is a Japanese confectionery.

Frankly speaking, I was full, but I often say that dessert is a separate stomach.

I was able to eat it in the end.


It is a very sophisticated French restaurant with a Michelin star.

The restaurant is not too expensive and can be used in a casual manner.

It is also cozy.

Dress code is smart casual.

The atmosphere was very balanced and favorable.

The restaurant is decorated with Michelin and various other awards.


Each dish is carefully explained about the food.

This is indeed a Michelin-starred restaurant.

It’s perfect.

Cost Performance

  • Experience (Lunch on weekday) $118
  • Scallop $22

The price is relatively reasonable for a French star restaurant.

If you go on a weekend, lunch is like $148.

However, French food is expensive. It is reasonable considering that it is French, but in general, it is not so cosy.


The quality of the food is high, and it is well presented and enjoyable from appearance to taste.

It tasted good, of course, but it was too rich and a little too tart for my taste.

The prices are relatively affordable for a Michelin-starred French restaurant, so those who are interested should definitely pay a visit and see for themselves.