The best place to eat dumplings and xiaolongbao in Singapore【#31 Singapore Recommended Restaurant “Jing Hua Xiao Chi”】

This time, I would like to introduce “Jing Hua Xiao Chi”, a famous dumpling and small basket restaurant in Tanjong Pagar, established in 1989 and popular among locals and tourists alike.

Then please read the review until the end 😄

General Review



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Must repeat! A highly recommended restaurant.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Should repeat! A highly satisfying restaurant.
⭐️⭐️⭐️Would repeat! A good restaurant.
⭐️⭐️A great place to go and recommended.
⭐️An ordinary restaurant.
※Based on cuisine, restaurant atmosphere, and cost performance, the rest is calculated intuitively based on personal preferences and dogmatism.

Recommended usage



Very good Chinese food at a reasonable price. You can feel the ability of a long-established restaurant. No wonder it is called a famous restaurant. Especially, dumplings and xiaolongbao are the most recommended menu of the restaurant, and if you want to eat dumplings and xiaolongbao, this is a famous restaurant that will surely satisfy you.

The brightly lit restaurant was full of energy, with a wide range of customers, from locals to Japanese who appeared to be tourists.

Each dish is quite large, and I recommend sharing the various dishes with family, friends, or colleagues. All the dishes are very tasty, and I think it is a wonderful restaurant with excellent cost performance for such a reasonable price.



The store is located on Neil Rd in Tanjong Pagar. There is also a call out in Japanese on a pillar outside the restaurant. According to them, “The best authentic taste of dumplings in Singapore.


The restaurant is mainly composed of tables and round tables. After all, Chinese food is suitable for group dining. The staff is friendly, helpful, and welcoming. The interior is simple, but bright and comfortable.



Here is the menu list. The restaurant’s most popular dishes are still the dumplings and xiaolongbao. There are many kinds of dumplings, including steamed, grilled, and vegetarian dumplings.

In addition, you can choose from noodles, vegetables, and side dishes such as spring rolls and yakisoba.

Ordering is very simple. You write the number of items on this order form and hand it to the waiter.


Now, let me introduce the actual menu I ordered. But first, let’s start with the usual beer 🍺It was SAPPORO PREMIUM 😄 Cheers!

Boiled Mixed Seafood & Pork Dumplings (10pcs) $11

Let’s start with these steamed dumplings. The first item on the menu is supposed to be the restaurant’s most confident dish, so you can’t miss it 😄

These are insanely delicious! The elastic and chewy crust is very distinctive 😄The filling is very juicy, yet reasonably priced at $11 for a pack of 10.

From the very first dish, this restaurant showed us what it is capable of!

Xiao Long Bao (7pcs) $9.9

The next item I ordered was this xiaolongbao. Like the steamed dumplings, the texture of the chewy skin was irresistible. Just by lifting the dumpling with chopsticks, a large amount of juices started to overflow from the inside. It was just like a real xiaolongbao! This is $9.9 for 7 pieces😄Again, very reasonably priced.

Stir-fried Dou Miao $11

I wanted to order a vegetable dish as well, so here is what I ordered. This is the stir-fried bean sprouts. It was also excellent 😄The crispy stir-fry served at an authentic Chinese restaurant, with a strong garlic flavor that whetted my appetite. It looks quite hearty, but you can easily eat a whole plate.

Pan-fried Mixed Seafood & Pork Dumplings (10pcs) $11

Another item we ordered was this grilled gyoza. The cylindrical shape of the dumpling is very unique. This baked gyoza is also very famous in Singapore. It was served after a little time from steamed dumpling. I think it takes a little more time to make than steamed gyoza.

These grilled gyoza are also excellent 😄The crispy baked skin is packed with ingredients, and although each one looks small, they are much more filling than expected. Add a generous amount of hot sauce to the special dumpling sauce and eat with these dumplings, and you have the world’s best beer accompaniment.

I was able to experience for ourselves the power of a long-established, well-known restaurant that has been loved for many years!

Personally, I preferred the grilled dumplings to the steamed ones… though they were all excellent 😄.


The store is located on Neil Rd. in Tanjong Pagar, near the Maxwell Hawker Center, about 10 minutes walk from the Tanjong Pagar or Outram MRT station.

By the way, along the same Neil Rd, very close to this restaurant, there is KAMOSHITA, famous for its delicious and creative Japanese cuisine. If you are interested in this restaurant, please check this article as well ☟



The restaurant is a long-established name in Singapore for dumplings and xiaolongbao, and they were very good at what they do. I can only thank the restaurant for offering quality food at such a reasonable price.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very casual and popular, so I highly recommend that you enjoy it with your group or family 😄.

One thing to note is that the store closes a little early, at 9:30 PM.

It was such a great restaurant that I almost think this is the only place to go when I want to eat gyoza. Please visit this restaurant at least once.

Address : 21/23 Neil Rd, Singapore 088814

TEL : 62213060

OPEN : 11:30 am–3:00 pm, 5:30–9:30 pm / Monday Closed

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