The best cost performance! Hawker Japanese BBQ【#38 Singapore Recommended Restaurant “WANO NIKU”】

This time, I would like to introduce you to WANO NIKU, a hawker Japanese barbecue restaurant located in Tanjong Pagar. The restaurant is a hawker, so its reasonable price is appealing.

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General Review




Recommended Usage

Perfect for such occasions!

Pros / Cons

  • Reasonably priced
  • It’s outdoors, so you can feel like you’re at a BBQ.
  • The clerk will assist you in replacing the stove and cleaning up.
  • Small number of menu items
  • Closes a little early at 9pm.


The store is located in a hawker that appears when walking north on Cantonment Rd in Tanjong Pagar. It is not a very large hawker center, with about 7-8 stores in a row.

Here is a view of the store. A stove is piled up in front of the restaurant. In front of the stove is the sauce for Japanese BBQ, and you can choose from three different kinds of sauce. Since this is a hawker restaurant, credit cards are not accepted, and payment is made by cash or QR code.

When I visited around 8pm on a Friday, it was quite crowded. I think most of the tables were eating Japanese BBQ. I can see why it is so popular. The outdoor seating is fun and gives you a bit of a BBQ feel. The tables were quite clean.



The menu includes SET menu, COMBO menu, and a la carte, etc. You can also order STEAK. Rice, soup, and kimchi are also available as sides. The a la carte menu includes loin, rib, top rib, lean meat, pork belly, pork shoulder, and on this day, Harami and Ribcap as the special menu. The menu itself is not very large.


Now I would like to introduce the actual menu we ordered. You bring your own stove from the store. The waiter assisted me in igniting the stove.


This is a mix of KARUBI and LOIN introduced as WANO NIKU’s SIGNATURE menu, and you can choose from ORIGINAL, AKA (Spicy), and SHIRO (Salted base).

Pork belly (50g) $5

It is 50 grams and is a very reasonably priced pork belly. This combination can be ordered together as a COMBO menu item for $13, which is $1 less than ordering separately as a la carte.

Lean loin (50g) $8

This is also a 50g a la carte menu. It is reasonably priced but usually tasty. Of all the dishes I ordered that day, this lean meat was the most to my liking.

Assorted Mushrooms (eringi, enoki) $4

The price of this mushroom platter was reasonable, but there was quite a lot of mushrooms. The enoki mushrooms were especially plentiful.

The meat is grilled very beautifully. Three kinds of sauce are available at the restaurant, and you can take your own. You can choose from the regular BBQ sauce, a spicy sauce with a strong gochujang flavor, and another sauce (sorry, I forgot to try it), depending on your preference. The spicy sauce is my favorite because it has quite a punch.

Halami (50g) $14 & Premium Kalbi (50g) $12

I wanted to try a little more meat, so I ordered the Halami, which was on the special menu for the day, and the Premium Kalbi from the regular a la carte menu. The meat is full of fat and very tasty. I feel that the cost performance is very high.

Lettuce and Onion Platter $4

Two skewers of onions and an assortment of lettuce. It’s great to wrap the meat in the lettuce and dip it in the spicy sauce. Very reasonably priced too.

Heineken beer $10

Of course, beer is a must for Japanese BBQ, and since it is not sold at WANO NIKU, you can buy it at another store next door.


The store is located in a corner of the hawker center about 10 minutes’ walk from the Tanjong Pagar station. It is a short walk from the station, so it is more convenient if you use the bus to get there.


As you would expect from a hawker, you can eat Japanese BBQ at a very reasonable price. My feeling is that the price is about half that of a regular yakiniku restaurant. The menu itself is not very large, but it is very satisfying.

Japanese BBQ in Singapore can be a bit of a luxury item, but here you can enjoy it in a casual setting.

I think hawker barbecue is quite rare, so I encourage everyone to pay a visit.

Address : 243 Cantonment Rd, Store 2, Singapore 089770

Tel : 88032961

OPEN : 11 am–2 pm, 5–9 pm / Monday closed

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