Super cool rooftop bar with night view of the marina right in front of you【#43 Singapore Recommended Bar “Smoke & Mirrors”】

What restaurant did you go to this time?

I went to a rooftop bar called “Smoke & Mirrors” in City Hall. It is located on the 6th floor of the National Gallery and is a great place to have a drink while enjoying the night view of the marina area.

Heh, that’s nice! That night view always gets us excited.

Yes, it is. I can highly recommend this bar to attendees who are traveling to Singapore! I’ll be reviewing it again in detail, so read to the end!

General Review



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Must repeat! A highly recommended restaurant.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Should repeat! A highly satisfying restaurant.
⭐️⭐️⭐️Would repeat! A good restaurant.
⭐️⭐️A great place to go and recommended.
⭐️An ordinary restaurant.
※Based on cuisine, restaurant atmosphere, and cost performance, the rest is calculated intuitively based on personal preferences and dogmatism.

Google Maps Number of reviews: 1,079 Score: 4.3 *As of August 28, 2023

Recommended Usage

Perfect for such occasions!

Pros / Cons

  • The night view of the marina spreads out before your eyes. Drinking while looking at it is the best!
  • Also great for attending to travelers. It will surely be a good memory of Singapore.
  • The bartenders are very friendly and the service is pleasant.
  • Terrace seats, although covered, may get a little wet if it rains.
  • If you don’t go with an appointment, there’s a good chance you won’t get in.



The bar is in the National Gallery in City Hall. At first glance, since it is a museum, I could not imagine that such a nice bar would be housed here.

This is the elevator sign. The top floor, the 6th floor, is “Smoke & Mirrors”. Take the elevator up to the 6th floor.

When you get to the 6th floor, walk clockwise along the building and you will find the sign for this restaurant. The entrance is on the left side. If the restaurant is full, you will have to wait here, so we strongly recommend that you make a reservation in advance.


First, after completing the reception at the entrance, you will pass through an aisle like this one. This aisle is also furnished with sofa and table seating, allowing you to enjoy drinks while viewing the wonderful night view of the marina. It is perfect for a date.

A circular counter bar is set up behind it; you can sit anywhere in 360 degrees, but I recommend sitting on the terrace side for the night view. They let us move our seats freely if space was available. The waitstaff is very friendly and very attentive to our cocktail recommendations.

Now I would like to introduce some of the night views that can be seen from the terrace.

The night view of Marina Bay Sands, the symbol of Singapore, and its surrounding area can be seen very beautifully. This night view is always exciting no matter how many times you see it.

If you turn your gaze to the left, you can enjoy the night view of the City’s buildings.

On the right side of the building, you can also enjoy the night view of the high-rise buildings in the CBG area. The location is very open, so you can enjoy the panoramic night view. I think this is a very useful bar to attend to your acquaintances when they come to Singapore on a trip. It is a wonderful night view that will surely please you.



The lineup includes a very wide variety of cocktails, whiskeys, wines, and other alcoholic beverages. The photo is a special menu list with the restaurant’s guesses. It was very stylish, so I took a picture of it.

When you sit at the counter, it is a good idea to let the bartender know your preferences and ask him or her to recommend a drink for you. By the way, I always tell the bartender I like “Stronger & Bitter.



This is a whiskey called REDBREAST, made in Ireland’s most famous distillery. It is a richly flavored whiskey with fruity fruit aromas like apple and pear, with nuances of spice, honey, and vanilla. We had this whisky because it was recommended by the bartender. It is a very drinkable whiskey.


I told him “Stronger & Bitter” and they recommended this GIN-based cocktail. The pattern on the glass is very stylish. The taste of the cocktail was just the way I like it. It also has a slightly fruity taste and is very easy to drink. This cocktail is one of the special menu items recommended by the restaurant.


If you take the MRT, get off at the City Hall station and it will take you about 10 minutes to walk there.


I found a great rooftop bar that we would definitely recommend to anyone. The location is fantastic, with a panoramic night view of the marina and surrounding area. I would definitely recommend this wonderful bar to anyone I know who is traveling to Singapore. I am sure they will be delighted.

There is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, so why not visit for the second use? I am sure you will have a very nice time.

Address : 1 St. Andrew’s Road, #06-01 National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957

Tel : +6580738683

Open : Monday – Wednesday 6 PM–12 AM / Thursday – Saturday Saturday, 6 PM–1 AM / Sunday Sunday, 5 PM–12 AM

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