Hidden gem decorated with graphic art is seriously stylish【#8 Singapore Recommended Bar Junior The Pocket Bar】

Let me introduce you to a bar where I recently went for a drink.

It is “Junior The Pocket Bar,” ranked in Asia’s Top Best Bar 100. It is located near Club street in Tanjong Pagar, where many fashionable restaurants are located.

General review of the bar

It is an entertaining and truly interesting bar.

The walls and ceilings of the restaurant are decorated with graphic art, which is just cool. It makes you want to take pictures incessantly.

The bartenders are very friendly. They seem to be very skilled at making cocktails and the quality is high.

The drinks, graphics, music, and unusualness are very much in evidence.

It is a nice, stylish bar that is definitely worth going to, and a little cool to know.

It is not a formal bar with a dress code, but very casual and frank. It is an entertaining and secluded bar where you can stay for a long time and never get tired of it.

I highly recommend going there at least once.

Ambience of the bar

If you are looking for the store with the help of Google Map, you will find a sign like this just before entering Club Street.

However, this sign is placed in front of a dimly lit mysterious store. No one was there.

Here is a look at the situation.

It doesn’t look like a bar at all.

However, Google Maps does indeed point to this location.

I enter the restaurant feeling a little uneasy.

On the blackboard is a menu of coffee. Is this a coffee shop?

A little uneasy, I noticed some kind of bewitching light and music coming from the back of the room.

I thought, “Maybe,” and entered the back door.

Then, a completely different world opened up.

The entire wall is decorated with graphic art.

I was overwhelmed the moment I entered the restaurant.

What was that coffee shop, is it operated as a coffee shop during the day? Or was it a completely different store? I had many thoughts, but above all, the gap between the two makes this space even more attractive.

The ceiling of the store is also decorated with the same graphic art.

It is a bar full of entertainment that looks like it could be in a European art town.

Here is a view of the bar counter.

The bottles of alcohol lined up in front of the graphic art are very stylish.

It is visually pleasing even before you drink the alcohol.

And of course, music is an essential element of this atmosphere.

When I went there, rock-style music was playing. However, the music was not too loud and did not interfere with conversation.

It was very interesting to watch the bartender making cocktails while grooving to the music.

Drinks of the bar

Cocktails are the signature of this bar.

The menu looks very pop and the cocktails have unique names. Highballs, beer, and wine are also available.

The first cocktail I ordered was the “Simplers TIMES,” which was displayed on the tabletop as a POP sign. It is a cocktail based on Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky mixed with orange sherbet.

The whiskey itself also has a sweet and fruity aroma like vanilla and honey, which makes it a very good match for orange.

Very refreshing and smooth on the palate. I drank a glass in no time. It was perfect for a hot night in Singapore.

For snacks, I ordered French fries. For $7, this portion is quite inexpensive.

It is a slightly Japanese-style French fry flavored with dashi (Japanese soup stock).

When I asked the bartender for a “Stronger” cocktail, he recommended a cocktail called “You’re your Biggest Enemy.” It’s a cocktail with a fancy name.

This cocktail has a very smoky flavor, unlike the first drink.

Personally, I like to drink these austere drinks at bars. Listening to music with this drink in one hand. It is a very luxurious time.

This is how to spend a Friday night. I left the restaurant feeling great.


  • Simplers TIMES $25
  • You’re your Biggest Enemy $26
  • French Fries $7

Cocktails are still at Singaporean prices. However, it is not surprising that cocktails at a decent bar are about the same price as those in Singapore.

The price is rather reasonable considering that this artistic atmosphere is included in the price.

French fries are cheap. The volume is very enough and I couldn’t finish them and had to leave some portion.


Again, it is an entertaining and truly interesting bar.

Drinking alcohol in the midst of graphic art is extremely exciting.

I visited the restaurant on a Friday night around 9:00 pm. At that time, there were still seats available and I was able to sit down right away, but by the time I left the bar after 10 p.m., the seats were already full. It must be a very popular bar.

Also, while looking at information about the restaurant on the Internet, I noticed that pictures of a completely different interior than this one had been uploaded. It appears that the shop is being redecorated on a regular basis.

I would definitely like to visit again, this time for a different graphic art.

I encourage everyone to go there at least once.

Address:6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787

OPEN:18:00 ~ 0:00 / CLOSE:Sunday・Monday

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